Twinings Infusions: Dating Colleagues


Stereotypically, sleeping with your boss or anyone work related is forbidden. But is it the thrill everyone in our contemporary workplace is looking for?

It’s like the forbidden fruit that everyone wants! It’s naughty, it’s bad and it’s deviantly exciting.

Recent studies show dating someone work related is increasingly becoming the workplace norm. With 56% of workers having been involved in an office relationship at some point, attitudes are becoming much more accepting. In particular, the younger generation is providing a gateway for office relationships but has this been anticipated for some time now?

We have become workaholics, obsessed with money and consumerism, and it has been shown that people are spending much more time in the office including socialising with colleagues, rather than outside friends. Therefore, spending much more time with these people allows more room for romance.

Nevertheless, let’s assess this properly, perks of dating a colleague? Firstly, you are both clearly interested in the same subject matters and therefore, should have a lot in common. Also, spending around five days a week together and having a similar time table, surely fits well with one another’s routines?

However, there comes a point in every relationship where you are spending too much time together and it can become both overwhelming and even annoying. You’ll end up having a similar friendship group and let’s be honest, work is a competitive environment where everyone is chasing that promotion. There is also office gossip to take into consideration, are you able to function under critical colleagues and fierce deadlines?

Is it really worth the stress? What if you break up? It fuels the office flames and creates ice within the atmosphere, not a particularly nice working environment.

It’s painful. It’s life. But in my opinion, work is work and dating a colleague is a huge interference causing unnecessary stress when all I want is a Twining’s camomile and a good romance novel.

Don’t date colleagues, or prepare for an interesting adventure.

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