Bench #LOVEMYHOOD Project – Behind The Scenes

Last week I scurried along to Brick Lane to visit the good folk at Canoe Inc to be involved in a project call #LOVEMYHOOD by Bench!

In celebration of the hood being an integral piece of each and every Bench collection since they began back in Manchester in the late 1980’s, #Lovemyhood London is the final exciting stage of a global campaign and project. Focusing on the blogger and how they have become a formidable part of the fashion landscape, the UK concept turns the lenses of bloggers and young influencers alike back on themselves by inviting them to be photographed or illustrated by one of four incredible artists and photographers including:

Andrew Khozravani, a South London based illustrator and animator who’s past clients include Dazed & Confused, Slam City Skates and Wu Tang Clan, amongst others. Dominic Marley who can count Nike, Redbull and Carhartt among the pages of his photography portfolio. Sussex based creative and illustrator Rebel Yuth aka John Ryan Speed, who brings music culture to life through his intricate line drawings and Stew Capper portrait photographer and proud contributor to NME, Article and Vice Magazine.

Check out some behind the scenes below :)OL5A3837 OL5A3823

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