Leather Mini

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So I managed to finally track down the perfect ‘Leather Mini’.  This lil bargain I found in Zara for £19.99.  It’s not real leather however you would never know, its the perfect shape as I’ve come across some that are just way too A-line.

I am wearing Zara Pleather Mini, Givenchy Peep toe Boots, H&m Tee and the most fabulous necklace I bought from eBay.

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DUO’s Dream Party Outfit #fitforfestivefashion


For me Christmas is about glamour, colour and fabulous shoes.  I am a HUGE fan of intricate cuts and I have had my eye on this particular tailored Aqua dress since the new collection came in.  I love the idea of white for a party outfit, I have never done it before so this would be me really pushing the boat out.  I love the feeling on glamour from wearing white and a touch of hot pink added really sets this outfit off.

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